Turf Conditioners

Designed to meet the challenges of wet, dry or compacted fields. This unique, durable granule helps create passageways that improve drainage and loosen soil for deeper root zones and safer play.

Granule size: 5 x 20

A45301G40: 50 lb bags, 40 bags/pallet

Installation Guide       




Formulated for golf tees, greens and sand-based sports fields, Pro’s Choice Ceramic retains moisture and releases it in the root-zone. Perfectly sized granules for sand based environments.

Granule size: 24 x 48

A45221G40: 50 lb bags, 40 bags/pallet

Installation Guide




How Turf and Ceramic Conditioners work…
Strong roots grow strong turf and minimize problems. These conditioners incorporated into the rootzone improve and strengthen root growth. Tiny pores in each granule absorb water, hold it tightly, and release it slowly as the soil dries. Its cation exchange capacity enables it to store fertilizer nutrients for plant growth.