Spill Control

Oil Only Absorbent Pads (Item # L90904)

These pads are used to absorb petroleum based fluids while OilPadsrepelling water. Quick absorbing speed and superior retention make Oil Only pads an effective and safe solution for any petroleum based spill problem. Ideal for marine applications as they can quickly remove floating oils from water.

L90904 Packaged: 100 pads/box


Universal Absorbent Pads (Item # L90902)

The bonded layers add strength to excellent absorption UnivPadspower. This material can be used for all fluids including acids, bases, oils, hydraulic fluids, and general spills. Pads measure 15”x19” and are center-perforated for versatility.

L90902 Packaged: 100 pads/box


Oil-Dri ® Premium Absorbent (I05090-G40)

Our clay absorbents undergo a superior moisture ODpremiumextraction process that increases absorption power and minimizes dust. Oil-Dri ® Premium Absorbent is packaged in a 50 lb. poly bag. Use this all-purpose absorbent on oils, coolants, grease, water, and other spills.

I05090-G40 Packaged: 50 lbs./poly bag 40 bags/pallet



Absorbent General Socks (Item # L90790)

Use these socks at the base of machinery or around drums to Sockabsorb any fluid leaks. General Socks keep spills trapped by preventing them from spreading out onto the shop floor.

L90790 Packaged: 12 socks/box



Bucket Spill Kit (Item # L90435)


This quick-response spill kit has all the tools needed for emergency cleanup! All items come packed in a reusable pail for convenient self-contained storage. Small enough to store in a vehicle or keep on hand where quick response is a must! Contains 2 general socks, 10 universal bonded pads, disposable gloves and 1 disposal bag with tie.

L90435 Packaged: 1kit/pail